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 Products of Vaccine Production Department

1. Freeze-dried BCG vaccine
       - Freeze-dried BCG vaccine is a dried white cake. After reconstituted with saline solution, it becomes whitish turbid liquid.
       - The vaccine is prepared from a pure culture of the Bacillus of Calmette and Guérin (Mycobacterium bovis, BCG) grown on liquid medium. The live bacilli are obtained by filtering. The semi-dry mass is suspended in a diluent containing sodium glutamate, dextran and dextrose. The suspension is calibrated to strength dispensed into vials and freeze-dried.

       Ingredient :
       One vial contains :
        - BCG culture, strain of Tokyo 172 : 0.5 mg
        - Sodium glutamate : 12.5 mg
        - Dextran : 25.0 mg
        - Dextrose : 25.0 mg

       Doses :
        - Add aseptically 1 ml of the saline solution (0.9% Saline solution) into the vial containing the freeze-dried vaccine. Shake the vial well.
        - The vaccinating dose is 0.1 ml. Intradermal injection, avoiding penetration into subcutaneous tissue.

       Indication :
       BCG vaccine is recommended for immunization against tuberculosis.

       Contra-indication :
       1. Cell mediated immune deficiency, immune deficiency due to drug and chronic diseases.
       2. Vaccination with live viral vaccine.
       3. Skin disease with open ulcerations at injection site.
       4. Any acute illness and viral infection.
       5. Pregnancy.

       Package :
       Each vial contains 10 doses.
       Each box contains 10 vials of Freeze-dried BCG vaccine and 10 ampoules of diluent (0.9% Saline solution).

       Caution :
       Do not use reconstituted vaccine after 2 hours.

       Storage :
       At +2°C to +8°C. Protected from light.

       Expiry :
       3 years after manufacturing date.

2. Thai Red Cross Tuberculin PPD
       Tuberculin PPD is a preparation obtained from culture filtrate of Mycobacterium tuberculosis sterilized by a chemical-physical process and purified by treatment with trichloroacetic acid and ammonium sulphate.
       Ingredient :
       One vial contains :
        - Tuberculin PPD : 100 IU
        - Tween80 : 0.001%
        - Phenol : 0.3%
        - Phosphate buffered saline solution : 1.0 ml

       Doses :
        - Intradermal injection of 0.1 ml solution (10 IU) per dose at the dorsal side of forearm.
       Indication :
       PPD for Mantoux test is used for identification of individuals with delayed sensitivity to tuberculin.

       Interpretation :
        - The reaction should be read 48 hours after injection and measured in mm.
        - Positive reaction is the presence of a raised area of induration not the erythema measuring at least 10 mm in diameter.
        - Negative reaction is the absence of a raised area of induration and reaction measuring less than 10 mm in diameter.
       Package :
       Each vial contains 10 doses.
       Each box contains 5 vials purified tuberculin PPD.

       Caution :
       Opened vials should not be kept in order to avoid secondary infections which could falsify results.

       Storage :
       At +2°C to +8°C. Protected from light and not to be frozen.

       Expiry :
       6 months after manufacturing date.

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