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 Production of BCG vaccine at QSMI

       BCG Vaccine Production Department was established in 1953 after the construction of the production building donated by His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej. This building was named Mahidol Vongsanusorn to commemorate Prince Mahidols Royal Family. The manufacturing facilities and area designs were viewed and approved by WHO experts from the Staten Serum Institute of Denmark. They provided technical support to BCG vaccine production in Thailand.

       The key persons for BCG Vaccine Production received a full training on production and quality control of freeze dried BCG vaccine from WHO experts. The industrial scale production of freeze dried BCG vaccine was satisfactory with a high level of quality in terms of vaccine potency and safety. Freeze dried BCG vaccine manufactured by QSMI was the first registered biological product of Thailand.

       The new production building for biological products of QSMI was renovated in 2002. All the facilities were designed to comply with GMP standards and the manufacturing of BCG vaccine was moved to the new facilities. The production process involved modernized equipment and is validated by the principles of GMP. QSMI was approved by the Thai FDA for Standards of Good manufacturing practice (GMP) and quality assurance with the specifications established for BCG vaccine in June 2003.

       QSMI is the sole manufacturer of BCG vaccine in Thailand and supplies the vaccine to Ministry of Public Health of Thailand. The number of BCG vaccine for distribution nationwide is about 2 million doses per year.

Preparation of vaccine in LF Grade A

Lyophilization process is done in LF Grade A

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